Our basic products are neutral and timeless partners which can perfectly be combined with other products and designs. They are not directly bound to a specific subject, so that they can be used throughout the year.

Our basic program is your starting point to implement creatively your individual ideas and to realize your own style.

Napkin Basics

Napkin Basics

Our basic napkins are primarily defined by their colours. Therefore we offer a wide colour selection in this range. You can find soft and romantic pastel shades and candy colors, as well as precious gold- and silver appearances and strong blazing and luscious tones in our range.

In addition our basic collection also includes neutral, understated and subtle Everyday designs such as stripes, dots and checks as well as soft and single coloured flowers which are available in many different colours and up to three different napkin sizes.

Particular highlights of our basic collection are our embossed napkins and our Doublo napkins. Most of our embossed napkins are plain coloured. They get their special design through complex embossing with flowers, ornaments, circles or plaited designs. Doublo (derived from the English word “double”) is a napkin which is printed on both sides. Especially for simple or sophisticated folds they are shown at their very best. We distinguish between color- and motive Doublos. While the front side of our tone on tone color-Doublos are printed more deeply , the reverse side is printed more softly. The motive Doublos have two different but thematically matching sides which are very well colour coordinated

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Napkin rings


Napkin rings are the key to making a tissue napkin into a small ornate masterpiece. For all different designs, furnishings and styles we offer suitable napkin rings: colorful glass rings, natural and robust felt rings or vintage ceramic as well as opulent and exquisite fine bone china porcelain rings, chrome or noble metal rings.


Candles, candle holders & tea light holders


Candlelight, indirect light, flickering candles, gentle and natural warmth are all indicators for comfort and coziness. When inviting guests the aim is to make the guest feel comfortable and to enjoy a delicious meal. Candles are accessories to give a very special atmosphere. They exude warmth and an inimitable charm. Only a candle completes a candle lit dinner. A laid table becomes a banquet table and your exquisite dishes and glasses will shine in this special light.

For this reason ihr offers a vast range of tapered candles, cylinder candles, candle holders, votive candles and tea light holders in different colours, materials and sizes.

No matter for which occasion, we always have the best matching companion to put you and your guests in a good, relaxed mood with opulent silver candle holders, rustic ceramic tea light holders or colorred glass votive candles.




Our textiles are tailored textiles for the table and the kitchen, and give a comfortable and homelike flair. ihr offers a large range of tailored premium textile products which invite us to create your kitchen and table individually.

A high quality standard, simple and low-maintenance as well as natural design and colors are very important to us. Only after the textile has fulfilled all these requirements it becomes an ihr textile product.


Ceramics, porcelain and fine bone china products


Our selected ihr plates, bowls and mugs reflect personal styles and are the basics for table decoration. Depending on their material they can be natural and rustic but also extra-ordinary and classical.

Even if the designs and products of this range are very different they have something common: their high quality. Starting with high quality Portuguese ceramics and fine porcelain and ending with complex real gold foil alloying.

Our product range includes items which cater for everybody. Cereal bowls and coffee mugs, teapots with warmer, tea for one’s and of course plates in different sizes, as well as modern accessories like etageres and assembled plate stands.

Wood Basics by IHR



Wood is the most beautiful and tactile natural material. The incredible variety of colors, structures and grains exudes and distinctive fascination. For ihr wood is the symbol of coziness with accessories made of a timeless and simultaneously modern material. Besides coasters, table decoration, etageres and trays we also offer a huge variety of napkin dispensers suitable for all different napkin sizes.